Everyone knows that all kind of issues about love, relationships and sexuality as a subject, is difficult
Everyone has certain beliefs and habits from their own families or cultural background.
Everyone will be confronted with questions about sexuality at some point i life .

At least some of the following questions will pop up once  :
-How can I show that I like the girl without being too cheeky or brutal?
-How could I start to ask if she uses the pill?
-Should I bring a condom with me? When should I start asking and mention the word condom?
-I think I had sex without protection, will I be pregnant or have a sexually transmitted disease now?
-Where can I go with my doubts, my fear and my questions? Will they believe me?
-Are  you mentally and socially prepared and fit to become ‘father & mother’?
-Should I take this drink or present from him?

Remember that the teacher’s instructions are of great importance to the players, there is a bottom-line in sexual behavior:

Both boys & girls should avoid unsafe sex in order to protect themselves and their partner.

Both boys & girls must learn to say NO when they don’t want to have sex.

Both boys & girls should avoid risky situations

Live your life as you want to live it, be careful with yourself

YOLO – You Only Live Once !