More about Yolo Game

YOLO supports the health & well-being of youngsters during their adolescence.
It is a tool for teachers, parents or peers, to share universal sexual & reproductive health issues to assist teenagers in such important issues and help them with their questions.        For the benefit of their lives, to stay healthy & to support them with correct information. Teenagers have the right to know the facts before they start having their first sexual realtionship.

YOLO can be used, multiple times, at home and in school (lessons Biology, Social Studies or Human Rights) as it will always offer a new dialogue. The illustrations stimulate the conversation and give rise to information about physical, emotional & social issues during puberty.

YOLO is the abbreviation of You Only Live Once
which seems the life motto of the more impulsively responding adolecents as they feel themselves (in)vulnerable.

YOLO can help to enhance their health & safety and encourage youngsters to take responsibility for themselves, for their partners, friends and the next generation ( newborns). The game stimulates a joyful atmosphere, leading to a respectful handling of each other’s values and standards.

The United Nations stated already more then 10 years ago that in a rapidly changing world teenagers -on their way to adulthood- are exposed to growing risks in the area of sexual health. The UN urges for better sexual guidance, before the youngsters become sexually active. Yolo can play a role in this.

The 2015 UNESCO report gives clear evidence that comprehensive sexuality education has a positive impact on

  • sexual & reproductive health
  • contributes towards reducing sexually transmitted infections (STD’s & HIV and
  • contributes towards un-intended pregnancy.

Evidence has confirmed that sexuality education does not hasten sexual activity but on the contrary can delay sexual debut and also has a positive impact on safer sexual behavior.

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